Australian Dollar Still Vulnerable To Global Trade Headlines

Australian Dollar Still Vulnerable To Global Trade Headlines

Fundamental Australian Dollar Forecast: Bearish

  • The Australian Dollar is still looking for a bullish break
  • Interest rate differentials import on it opposite a US Dollar
  • And worries about US/China trade family are doubtful to go divided anytime soon

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The Australian Dollar stays horribly probable to material repairs from trade headlines emanating from a US and China. They can serve cloud a backdrop already dimmed (at slightest if you’re a bull) by transparent disposition reduce in AUD/USD that has been in place for many of this still-young year.

The Aussie took a strike final Friday when US President Donald Trump systematic his trade advisors to aim a serve $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports, on tip of a $50 billion already underneath consideration. This proclamation came only as investors were augmenting bets that a trade squabble between Washington and Beijing competence be cooling a little.

Australia apparently has immeasurable raw-material trade links with China and so knee-jerk titillate to sell a Aussie on such news is during slightest understandable, even if a deeper consider competence describe it reduction so. Economists during Citigroup pronounced final week that a Australian economy isn’t indeed as trade-exposed as many others, and competence do improved than a likes of New Zealand, Singapore, India and China in only about all scenarios brief of a full-blown trade war.

Still for now marketplace greeting seems cool to such nuance, and a banking seems expected to keep wobbling when trade risks come to a fore. More broadly AUD/USD stays in a daily-chart downtrend that has dominated record given a highs of late January.

Australian Dollar Still Vulnerable To Global Trade Headlines

The Australian economy is revving utterly easily in some areas, particularly a production zone where activity strike a record high final month according to a latest Purchasing Managers Index consult expelled final week. Australian trade is also doing flattering well.

But altogether it seems stranded in a neutral gear, and a Reserve Bank of Australia positively seems in no good precipitate to lift a pivotal Official Cash Rate from a 1.50% record low. That has been in place now given late 2016, holding a pretension of a longest unvaried bottom rate in Australian history. What’s some-more rate-futures markets don’t entirely cost in even a modest, entertain commission indicate arise until Apr 2019- providing a bearish contrariety with a Federal Reserve now good into a rate-hiking cycle.

Given all of a above a banking is expected to sojourn underneath some vigour this week. Of march some-more certain trade headlines- or a elementary deficiency of disastrous ones- could buy it some respite, as could some-more upbeat domestic data. We’ll get a latest snapshots of both business and consumer certainty in a entrance week.

But a altogether instruction of transport seems expected to sojourn to a downside and it’s another bearish call this week.

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— Written by David Cottle, DailyFX Research

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