Bill Clinton on Obamacare: ‘I strongly supported that bill’

Trump appears to tell supporters to form roving voter intimidation squads

“For those who question Clinton’s stamina to be president, her resilience is more than proven as she discussed during the debate last week”.

That’s what Clinton accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of advocating as Clinton campaigned for his wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, during a “stronger together” bus tour of OH that included a stop in Athens.

His 50-minute address at Ohio University was sometimes rambling and raw and sometimes rehearsed. However Hillary Clinton just vehemently shut him down again.

Donald Trump has pledged to entirely abolish the Affordable Care Act, in common with the Republicans’ plan in Congress.

“Hillary didn’t vote for the ’94 crime bill, even though Sen”. – ‘they’re working like hell, they’re busting it. They will not change once they become president, Obama said. He said the evening contest will be “a contrast” between “our campaign of big ideas and solutions” and the “small and petty Clinton campaign that is totally stuck in the past”.

“For me, voting early is a matter of convenience, and if I don’t do it I’m unlikely to vote at all”, said Joseph Wozniak, 23, of Macon, Georgia. “Donald Trump’s comments are not just ignorant – they’re harmful because they give voice to the stigma that has led generations of veterans to hide their struggles instead of getting life-saving help”. What do you care?

“I will not vote for candidates that have sent millions of my people to prison. I support it today”, Clinton said at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Steubenville, Ohio. Hillary Clinton trails Trump in OH by about the same margin.

A Democratic congressman doesn’t want union voters in his home state of OH to buy what Donald Trump is selling.

In North Carolina, buoyed by strong voter interest, Clinton appears to hold an edge with Democratic ballots submitted so far now leading Republican ones, 40 to 35 percent.

NBC News’ Lester Holt served as moderator and began with an admonishment to the audience to be quiet, which was nonetheless broken several times. Obama carried OH twice, making frequent visits during his campaigns.

“But I very much appreciate that the Sununu family is with Trump”, He added.

The third and final presidential debate will be occur just a few weeks before election day live from handsome Las Vegas.

Asked whether he was reconsidering participating in the next debate, scheduled for October 9, Mr. Trump did not answer directly.

“He’s been making those attacks since the beginning of the campaign, so there is nothing new”. Jackson ran a good campaign. “If I was on the campaign trail as a congressman, I would be talking about this every day”, Scarborough said.

Speaking Monday at a Democratic rally in Flint, Michigan, the former president ripped into the Affordable Care Act for flooding the health care insurance market and causing premiums to rise for middle-class Americans who do not qualify for subsidies.

This comes as no surprise to the many legal observers, National Right to Life included, who warned that the Obama health care law over-promised, under-funded, and contained multiple provisions meant to reduce American’s health care usage.

But McCaskill herself once said she didn’t want Bill Clinton near her daughter, as Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace reminded her.

For Clinton, October is when she’s likely to win or lose the election, not November 8. Clinton said to laughter. How do you get more acclaimed than that?

At times he sounded a bit bewildered and annoyed at the “resentment” he said undergirds the populist strain in this election. “Well, he learned from those tapes that he was trying to answer the questions as they were asked”.

“That’s the message, isn’t it? Anything he says bothers me”. Fifty years ago, that’s what I was.

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