CAC 40, DAX, S&P 500

CAC 40, DAX, Samp;P 500 - French Election, 'Sell a News' in a Works?

What’s inside:

  • Outcome of French choosing between Macron, Le Pen to browbeat risk perspective to start a week
  • ‘Gap-n-trap’ unfolding in a cards on Macron Victory, large risk-off if Le Pen surprises
  • Other pivotal information events on a docket, pivotal technical developments

CAC 40

The election. Will we see a Macron feat as approaching or a warn win by Le Pen? In a expected eventuality we see Macron turn a subsequent boss of France, a opening aloft in a CAC is a reasonable expectancy – though will it reason if it does? The CAC finished final week with a pointy rally, rising to a best levels given Jan 2008. The 7%+ run given a Friday before a first-round choosing is environment a marketplace adult for a ‘sell-the-news’ opening on a Macron victory. If a marketplace gaps adult and afterwards fills a blank it doesn’t indispensably meant a altogether run aloft will have come to an end, though a short-term retracement could be in sequence following a ‘euphoric’ rise. If Le Pen wins? The CAC will expected have a hurts put on it as marketplace participants haven’t labelled in such an outcome. The sell-off would expected be utterly violent.

In terms of scheduled ‘high’ impact mercantile events a calendar in France/Euro-zone is sincerely light over a election-front. Mario Draghi will be vocalization in Dutch Parliament on Wednesday and German GDP is due out Friday morning. For a full choice of scheduled information events, check out a economic calendar.

Putting a new run into viewpoint with honour to a long-term trend; a CAC is trade good above a 2000-2017 trend-line we’ve discussed before. To find estimable levels of insurgency we need to go behind to peaks shaped a few hundred points aloft behind in 2007. It doesn’t meant a CAC has a few hundred points to go before it will stop rising, though it’s value observant that not a lot stands in a approach if it can contend a intermediate-term trend. Looking lower, a initial turn of important support doesn’t arrive until a 4/24 gap-low of 5228, afterwards a before swing-high 5140, and finally a full gap-fill from a first-round during 5059. Not expected we’ll see a latter dual levels this entrance week unless Le Pen wins.

CAC 40: Daily

CAC 40, DAX, Samp;P 500 - French Election, 'Sell a News' in a Works?

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For a longer-term perspective on markets, check out a Q2 forecasts.


Front and core to start a week will be a outcome of a second and final turn of a French elections; Macron is a complicated favorite to win. Will a CAC and risk-on respond definitely to a ‘expected’ outcome, or will it be a “sell a news” scenario? We’re about to find out. If Le Pen pulls off a upset, it’s protected to contend risk markets will be relocating in reverse. Looking over a election, ‘high’ impact events embody Draghi vocalization in Dutch Parliament on Wednesday and a recover of German 1Q GDP on Friday. For sum and a full choice of arriving events, see a economic calendar.

Last week, a DAX done good on a still converging we noted a week before; rallying with a satisfactory volume of force around a week. In terms of resistance, we had a top-side trend-line fluctuating over peaks from Aug and another top-side t-line using over highs given February; both noticed as teenager resistance, and both were treated as such. To finish a week, a DAX sealed above a Feb line, and now leaves us with no ‘official’ form of insurgency to work off of. We’ll now demeanour to those tilted lines as intensity support levels. The trend is up, movement is strong, so there is small to make a box for shorts – marketplace participants will expected perspective teenager set-backs as shopping opportunities until we see something suggesting a trend-change is on us. But before we can consider about “normal” technical developments we’ll initial need to see what happens in France on Sunday.

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CAC 40, DAX, Samp;P 500 - French Election, 'Sell a News' in a Works?

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SP 500

Looking forward to subsequent week, marketplace participants will be reacting to a outcome of a French run-off choosing between Macron and Le Pen. The futures marketplace will pierce on developments in European markets. If Macron wins we could see another opening aloft as we did following a first-round results. But as discussed above, a ‘gap-n-trap’ unfolding could see a CAC 40 blur prolonged before a US open arrives. If that is a case, overnight futures gains could be erased by a time a US open rolls around. It’s only a unfolding during this time, though one we’ll be tracking should things reveal in that direction. If Le Pen pulls a warn victory, a gap-down and sell-off will expected be in play.

Moving past Monday, a mercantile calendar is back-end complicated with ‘high’ impact information releases – Friday binds CPI, Advance Retail Sales, and U of M Confidence. As is mostly a case, a bigger response to any warn prints in information will expected take place in a FX and rates markets. For a full run-down off all scheduled mercantile events, see a economic calendar.

The SP looked staid streamer into final week for a mangle to new record highs, though a consolidation continued all by final week. Under “normal” conditions we would design a SP to make good on a dermatitis as it sealed final week only dual points bashful of a Mar 1 record high. There is clever support from around 2080 down to 2069 before a marketplace would tumble into a 4/24 opening (a unfolding we don’t design during this time).

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CAC 40, DAX, Samp;P 500 - French Election, 'Sell a News' in a Works?

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—Written by Paul Robinson, Market Analyst

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