Campaign manager on Trump’s “art of the comeback” after $1B loss

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump admits benefiting from 'unfair#039 tax laws

Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump’s reported $916 million loss on his 1995 tax returns during a campaign stop in Toledo, Ohio, Tuesday, particularly shaming the GOP nominee for his failed casino ventures in New Jersey.

A poll conducted by Middle Tennessee State University finds republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leading among Tennessee voters.

Poll respondents were slightly less critical when asked to describe a private citizen paying no taxes. Or at least they let Hillary imply that.

Trump does respond in the affirmative twice when asked if his father has paid federal income taxes.

And it would be good to know if they see the same obligation for themselves to pay as they see for all of us.

Mitnick said all of the documents published by the Times appeared authentic, but did not confirm whether Trump used his business losses to offset personal income taxes in 1995 or the years that followed.

So many are complaining about others not paying taxes, while using the same tactics to reduce their own payments. But the real estate business, with its highly leveraged investments, huge interest deductions, opportunities for depreciation, and tendency to realize most income as capital gains, can particularly benefit from – or manipulate, depending on your perspective – these provisions.

Or, he added, “to put it another way, to pay as little taxes as legally possibly”.

So true! No loopholes or mercy for working folks, as the rich gets richer.

The accountant’s recollections call into question Mr Trump’s claim, at that Monday rally, that he understands the federal tax code “better than nearly anyone”. Well, guess he is the smart one and we are the fools.

Ayotte’s trouble answering the question underscores Trump’s trouble with independent, moderate and college-educated women who are turned off Trump. “He was using his political connections to collect hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies”, she said.

So who is the real loser?

As the law stands today, individuals can avoid paying taxes on capital gains by selling properties and then quickly reinvesting the money in another property.

In any case, Donald Trump re-affirmed that his in-grained awareness of the tax code gave him an enormous upper hand; this empowered him to profit largely form the federal tax laws.

Looking over a candidate’s tax returns aren’t really a deciding factor, but they can help solidify honesty and management skills.

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