China’s Trade Stance, Possible Moves opposite US, and Impact to USD/CNH

Talking Points:

– China left time to negotiate with a US before genuine harm is caused by tariffs and investigations.

– The US-China trade fight could initially lead to 3 outcomes, impacting a US Dollar and the Chinese Yuan in opposite ways.

– A examination of China’s position on trade and tip argumentative issues will assistance to weigh these scenarios.

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A Tariffs Plan on $3 Billion US Products

US products in this list are those that need China as an critical market, though not vital; this includes fruits, dried fruit, nuts and nuts products, wine, mutated ethanol, American ginseng, and seamless steel pipes. This is a evident greeting China took in response to Trump’s proclamation of a devise to levy tariffs on $60 billion Chinese goods. China’s manageable devise will concede a US feel pain in reciprocation though not means inauspicious repairs (e.g. a tariff on soybeans).

Anti-dumping Investigation on Phenol

China launched an review into phenol imports from a US, EU, South Korea, Japan and Thailand, so this is a pierce not usually targeted during a US. Additionally, this review is approaching to final for a year; a duration can be stretched to one and a half year as needed. Thus, it leaves time for a dual parties to lay down and have dialogues before some-more poignant indemnification take effect.


China’s newly-elected Vice Premier Liu He, who oversees a country’s mercantile and financial sectors, has led a shared dialogues on China’s side. He paid a outing to Washington in early-eMarch for trade issues. On Mar 24, he exchanged ideas with a US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over phone; both committed to continue a dialogue.

There are 3 probable scenarios over a following periods:

1. A ‘win-win’ scenario: a dual parties can find a jointly acceptable approach to revoke trade disputes; a impact to both economies could be limited.

USD/CHF has unheeded amid a persisting trade disputes and has damaged a operation that it hold for some-more than a month. As a US is a one that wants to benefit some-more entrance to a partner’s market, trade disputes could harm a US some-more than China; this could have been a vital writer to Yuan’s new gains, in serve to a launch of Yuan-denominated oil futures.

If a cloud of doubt surrounding trade is lifted, a Yuan’s allege might slow, as it is already during a comparatively high level. Under China’s stream managed-floating sell rate regime, it needs serve validation from a PBOC.

2. A ‘lose-lose more’ scenario: disputes stay within trade, though dual parties can't strech a understanding to equivocate vital tariffs.

This could trigger a array of tariffs attacks between a dual parties. It is generally bad news for a US as it deviates from a contingent idea :push China to remodel from a state-led economy to a market-oriented economy and for US exporters to benefit some-more entrance to this market. Tariffs are tools, not a finish goal. Then, reflecting on a sell rate, a US Dollar could remove some-more than a Chinese Yuan.

3. A ‘lose more-lose more’ scenario: political issues get concerned in trade disputes and mystify matters.

This box is a probable effect after unfolding 2 happens, for instance, if a mainland-Taiwan attribute gets harm by US domestic moves. This could trigger investment withdrawals from China and lead to offered in a Yuan. However, in a prolonged run, both parties will get harm some-more when they tumble into a infamous circle.

Price Chart 1: USD/CNH Weekly Timeframe (January 2014 to Mar 2018)

China's Trade Stance, Possible Moves opposite US, and Impact to USD/CNH


China’s President Xi Jinping

China’s Overall Stance on Trade: China called for efforts to foster giveaway trade and to build open tellurian economy. President Xi done a above acknowledgement during a phone call with French President Macron on Mar 22. China’s President, who also serves as a conduct of Party and a Commander-in-Chief in military, is deliberate to be a tip personality of China; he nominated a premier as well.

China’s Premier Li Keqiang

China’s Stance on Trade with a US: A trade fight can't solve problems; it also violates a simple element of trade. Solving some long-lasting issues will take time. China would like to concur by dialogues.Premier Li done these comments when he met with US Senator Steve Daines on Mar 27. China’s Premier is tip executive personality of a government. He is a conduct of State Council and assumes a altogether responsibilities. He nominated ministries who afterwards became members of a Council.

Technology Transfer: China has committed to strengthen a coercion of egghead skill (IP) rights in this year’s supervision work plan. Forcing unfamiliar companies to send record is prohibited. IP and record send is one of a many argumentative emanate in a US-China trade and is a categorical emanate lonesome in US’s Section 301 investigation. Premier Li done a acknowledgement in a assembly with unfamiliar companies’ executives on Mar 26.

‘Made in China 2025’ Plan: China welcomes unfamiliar companies to attend in this plan, generally in artificial comprehension area. Domestic companies and unfamiliar companies participating in this devise will be treated equally. This plan, introduced in 2015, is designated to renovate China production attention from labor-intensive to high-technology-driven and innovation-driven. This raises US’s concerns that China will reinstate unfamiliar record products with Chinese record products.

China’s Commerce Ministry

The means of a “trade war”: China refuted a explain that China is a cause, as good as a explain that China’s open-up is slower than approaching and unsuccessful to accommodate a fasten of obscure tariffs.

US’s Section 301 investigation: this is a defilement of WTO obligations. The US contingency stop a wrong behaviour.

US’s $60-billion tariffs: China has a certainty to opposite opposite any protectionism.The orator done a statements during a press discussion on Mar 29. China’s Commerce Ministry covers minute trade matters and is a vital entity that conducts dialogues and negotiations with trade partners.

China’s Foreign Ministry:

Possibility of China commanding tariffs on soybeans: when trade becomes a trade war, a fasten celebration will usually act formed on a possess interests. China wants to equivocate a trade war, though if forced to join, it will strengthen a rights. The orator from a Foreign Ministry did not exclude a possibilitythat China will levy such a tariff during a press discussion on Mar 30. The Foreign Ministry covers not usually trade issues though also other supportive matters with a US.

Taiwan issue: China warned a US not to use Taiwan as a leverage; this is a elemental and core emanate of US-China relationship.The mouthpiece done a criticism on Mar 22 per new US officials’ visits to Taiwan.

US regard on inhabitant security: it is not a good reason for commanding tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum. Chinese steel imports usually took adult reduction than 3% in a US market.

— Written by Renee Mu, Currency Analyst

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