Crude Oil Nosedive to 5-Month Lows Discouraging for OPEC

Crude Oil Nosedive to 5-Month Lows Discouraging for OPEC

Fundamental Forecast for USOIL : Bearish

  • Crude Oil falls to lowest levels given Nov as cost support ($47.11) is taken out
  • OPEC stranded in an increasingly formidable scenario
  • Options discernment shows many saying a dump as an opportunity
  • Per Baker Hughes, US Oil Rig count rose 6 to 703 sum display serve vigour on OPEC

Will Crude Oil be means to redeem in 2Q? See a forecast to find out what is pushing marketplace trends!

Crude Oil was a large thesis of a reflation trade that adored explanation of tentative mercantile expansion as commodity prices pushed aloft in Q4/Q1. The arise in line from Nov to Dec was corroborated by what looked to be a ideal storm. In a month of November, a new administration had taken over a White House that was pro-growth in terms of infrastructure and reduce taxes. Also in November, a Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) concluded to cut prolongation to change a Oil market’s oversupply emanate that had caused a pointy crash. Everything seemed to be going good for Oil.

Fast brazen to a initial week of May and small appears to be going right for a appetite commodity. As of Friday morning, Crude Oil has traded 21.3% reduce in 2017 from a opening operation high of 2017. Some would call this a bear marketplace as evidenced by a 20% drop. However, when we demeanour during a attention alone, there doesn’t seem to be a panic that a cost would indicate. We continue to see bullish call spreads being purchased in a options marketplace in expectation of contingent cost liberation notwithstanding short-term downside still favored. Also, CEO of Marathon Oil, Lee Tillman recently remarkable that from a supply and direct indicate of view, small has altered as a cost has plunged.

Still, a cost thrust in Oil puts OPEC in an increasingly formidable scenario. They have all-but concluded to extend a prolongation quell until a finish of 2017 that in a evident scenario, reduces their income. Of course, this was finished in hopes of balancing a Oil marketplace heading to aloft prices, that would concede them to acquire some-more income from a net benefaction value viewpoint when prolongation resumed to normal levels. However, one ‘stick in a mud’ to OPEC’s devise has been a hedging that took place from US producers when Oil was during $50, that is permitting a to furnish openly as a cost drops and has helped them tighten in ~20% gains given a ~$35 prolongation cost per barrel. Adding insult to injury, on Friday afternoon Baker Hughes International showed that active rigs increasing in a US (i.e., some-more production) for a 16th true week in a US.

The draft subsequent shows Friday’s miscarry after a early morning sell-off. However, if you’ve listened a term, ‘dead count bounce’, it’s being put to a exam in Crude. In other words, we’ll see what Crude Bulls are done of when we get to a Fibonacci section (38.2-61.8% retracement) of a April-May operation that occupy’s 47.50-50.00 zone. If a cost is incompetent to tighten above here on a weekly basis, we could be environment adult for some-more declines.

Crude Oil reached extended downside target, now retracement in focus

Crude Oil Nosedive to 5-Month Lows Discouraging for OPEC

Chart Created by Tyler Yell, CMT

Next Week’s Data Points That May Affect Energy Markets:

The elemental focal points for a appetite marketplace subsequent week:

  • Tuesday4:30 PM ET: API weekly U.S. oil register news
  • Wednesday 10:30 AM ET: EIA Petroleum Supply Report
  • Fridays 1:00 PM ET: Baker-Hughes Rig Count during
  • Friday 3:30 PM ET: Release of a CFTC weekly commitments of traders news on U.S. futures, options contracts

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