Cryptocurrency News: Money Laundering, Bitcoin Forks and SEC Oversight

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A Russian citizen has been arrested in Greece and charged with 17 depends of income laundering.

Cryptocurrency sell warns forward of probable bitcoin split.

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Digital Exchange Hit with Massive Fine

Bitcoin sell BTC-e has been handed a $110 million excellent by a US Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) for “wilfully violating US anti-money laundering laws,” according to an central recover Thursday. Among charges brought opposite a Russian-based exchange, FinCEN pronounced that instead of behaving to forestall income laundering, BTC-e and a operators “embraced a pervasive rapist activity conducted during a exchange.” The exchange’s owners Alexander Vinnik was also arrested in Greece and given a $12 million excellent for his purpose in a exchange’s activities.

BTC-e is an internet-based, foreign-located income conductor that exchanges fiat banking as good as a automobile practical currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Peercoin, Ethereum, and Dash. It is one of a largest practical banking exchanges by volume in a world. BTC-e facilitated sell involving ransomware, mechanism hacking, temperament theft, taxation reinstate rascal schemes, open corruption, and drug trafficking.”

Coinbase Advises Investor Caution Ahead of a Potential Hard Fork.

Digital banking exchange, Coinbase, has emailed all a business and warned that in a eventuality of a bitcoin (BTC) flare on Aug 1, it will not support a new bitcoin money (BCC) as it will have no approach of valuing a choice version. The email combined that a organisation skeleton to temporarily postpone bitcoin trading, deposits and withdrawals on Aug 1, 2017, as a flare is expected to means intrusion of a bitcoin network. While it seems that a hard flare is doubtful during a finish of a month, a sell suggests that business who wish to entrance both BTC and BCC need to repel bitcoin stored on a sell before a finish of Jul 31.

Despite warnings and a intensity for shake before Aug 1, bitcoin has recovered a vast partial of a new waste in a final few days and is trade during a five-week high. A serve liberation above a Jul 21 high of $2932 and a all-time high of $2980 set on Jun 12, would leave a title figure of $3000 as a subsequent objective.

Chart: Bitcoin (BTC) Price: Daily Timeframe (January 27 – Jul 28, 2017)

Cryptocurrency News: Money Laundering, Bitcoin Forks and SEC Oversight

Chart by IG

US SEC Rules That Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) contingency Comply With Securities Laws

The US Securities and Exchange Commission warned progressing this week that offers and sales of digital resources by practical organizations are theme to a mandate of sovereign bonds laws. Addressing a new boost in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or token sales, Stephanie Avakin, co-director of a SEC’s coercion multiplication wrote: “The innovative record behind these practical sell does not free bonds offerings and trade platforms from a regulatory horizon designed to strengthen investors and a firmness of a market.”

A duplicate of a full SEC recover is here.

Market Moves/Top 5 Capitalizations – Jul 28, 2017

Cryptocurrency News: Money Laundering, Bitcoin Forks and SEC Oversight

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