Forex Preview for Q2: Euro, USD and JPY Themes during a Forefront of FX

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– Today outlines a finish of Q1, 2018 and with many markets already sealed in tact of Passover/Good Friday, a page has incited into Q2. The initial entertain of this year was noted by a arise in equity sensitivity to go along with a discerning burst in US Treasury Yields. FX markets were not left untouched, as a array of engaging themes has developed. We demeanour into 3 of a some-more distinguished below.

– The US Dollar stays intensely diseased notwithstanding a fact that a Fed is one of a usually games in city for rate hikes. This is expected emanating from concerns around mercantile policy, yet it’s come along with moves of strengths in several stages of growth in both a Euro and a Japanese Yen.

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Open of Q2 Highlights a Number of Interesting Forex Themes

As we spin a page into a second entertain of 2018, a array of engaging themes sojourn conflicting tellurian financial markets. The initial entertain of this year incited out to be utterly eventful. We got the rate travel out of a Federal Reserve in March and a Fed is now forecasting an additional dual moves in a year. We saw a Bank of England prep markets for a probable rate travel in May, and even the European Central Bank started to change their denunciation for what could lead to an contingent tightening of policy. This is a pierce that many have been watchful for (or fearing?) given a QE-heavy sourroundings took over after a Financial Collapse, and this is when we see tellurian Central Banks change divided from Quantitative Easing and uber-dovish financial process towards a some-more offset position and, in some cases, even Quantitative Tightening.

Below, we’re looking during 3 of a some-more engaging FX-related themes as we travel into Q2 of 2018, focusing-in on 3 of a world’s largest open economies and what might come about as we pierce deeper into a year. We discussed this subject in yesterday’s webinar, and if you’d cite video or would usually like a video accompaniment, that repository is accessible from a following link: Q2 Preview: USD Weakness, Yen Strength, Equity Vol in a Spotlight.

The US Dollar’s Persistent Weakness Continues

All in all, it wasn’t that bad of a entertain for a US Dollar. As we non-stop into a New Year this positively didn’t seem as yet it would be a case, as sellers continued to lift a Greenback reduce for a initial few weeks of a year. But – a longer-term turn of support came into play in January, and after another exam in Feb prices continued to wander back-and-forth, building into a operation that we were looking for in our Q1 technical foresee on a US Dollar.

US Dollar around ‘DXY’ Weekly Chart: Fibonacci Support in January, Feb Holds a Lows

us dollar weekly chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

That longer-term area of support stays underneath price action, and this is taken from a 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of a 2014-2017 critical move. The 50% retracement from that same investigate had helped us to carve out final year’s low in September, and that support rhythm led to dual months of strength. The support exam during a 61.8 hasn’t led to as bullish of a response, and bears have remained sincerely active here, stability to come in to offer insurgency subsequent a 2017 low of 91.01 on DXY.

US Dollar around ‘DXY’ Daily Chart: A Less Enthusiastic Response to Fibonacci Support

us dollar daily chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Making this cost movement a bit some-more engaging is a backdrop. The Federal Reserve is one of a few vast Central Banks indeed looking during aloft rates and tighter policy. This runs in sheer contrariety to many economies that are still during ‘pedal to a floor’ levels of accommodation, like Europe or Japan. And generally speaking, aloft rates and tighter process will pierce strength into a banking as investors demeanour to constraint a new, aloft rate of return.

Not usually has that not been function in a US Dollar, yet we’ve fundamentally been witnessing a conflicting of that; vagrant a doubt of ‘why’?

US Fiscal Policy

There’s been utterly a bit of change in Washington, D.C. of recent. And President Trump usually sealed a rather vast bill for this year, bringing serve concentration onto a issue; and that’s mercantile enlargement in a United States. The US supervision is bringing on half a trillion in additional spending over a subsequent integrate of years along with another trillion in taxation cuts. Given that a US Government operates during a deficit, these initiatives will be saved by debt. To emanate debt, and to lift funds, a US Treasury dialect increases a supply of accessible Treasuries; and like any other market, some-more supply with a same turn of direct means reduce prices. Lower prices and reduction direct for Treasuries means reduction direct for a US Dollar as investors demeanour elsewhere for other appealing investment options, and it usually so happens that there are bond markets still being upheld by a deputy Central Bank around Europe.

This also raises a array of questions around a critical marketplace place in US Treasuries. With a US supervision that’s going to be furnishing some-more and some-more supply while also hiking rates, because would a bond financier reason on for what looks to be a scattered ride?

10-Year Treasury Yields Since 1994: Jan Jump Extends into Feb Before Resistance Comes Into Play

10-year us book note yields given 1994

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Higher rates are a disastrous for bond prices as rates going aloft means prices relocating lower. We already know that a Fed wants to continue to travel in sequence to serve normalize policy. We also know that a US supervision will substantially be auctioning off a lot some-more debt to account these new spending initiatives; and if we mix that with a fact that a Federal Reserve is good into their skeleton for Quantitative Tightening –this spells a unequivocally disastrous sourroundings for bond traders, investors and funds.

In early-February, famed merchant and sidestep account manager, Paul Tudor Jones done a criticism of ‘If we had a choice between holding a US Treasury bond or a prohibited blazing spark in my hand, we would select a coal.’ The above reasons are a expected ‘why’, and this spells a discouraging backdrop for US Treasury prices and, in-turn a US Dollar as we pierce deeper into 2018.

Yen Strength Begins to Show as Japanese Inflation Runs Higher

Another engaging growth in a initial 3 months of 2018 has been the resurgence of Yen-strength. The Japanese Yen has had a bearish lift for many of a duration given a choosing of Shinzo Abe in Q4 or 2012. This was being driven by a ‘three pillars’ proceed to financial policy, in that ‘Abenomics’ looked to use a mixed of financial and mercantile process to retreat a decades-long onslaught with deflation in Japan.

Initially – this worked! Inflation fast changed above 3%, and wish fast seemed on a horizon. But those acceleration gains could not hold, and in discerning order, Japan was right behind to a sub-1% rates of acceleration that had turn hackneyed for a island nation. Chinese markets began to stagger in Aug of 2015, and this helped to emanate risk hatred flows around tellurian markets. This is when a Yen started to uncover some rather surpassing strength, reversing a large-portion of those QE-fueled losses; and when risk reared a nauseous conduct again in a initial partial of 2016, USD/JPY spent many of a subsequent 6 months relocating lower. Support eventually came in around a 100.00 handle, and Yen debility began to uncover again shortly after a US Presidential election. This led into a serve build of a exquisite crowd settlement that started to mangle this quarter.

USD/JPY Weekly Chart: The Life-Cycle of a Trend

usdjpy weekly chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Last year was noted by a nasty sell-off in a US Dollar. But, by and large, a Yen kept gait with a Greenback’s weakness, spending many of a final 9 months in some arrange of operation in USD/JPY. This is observant utterly a bit deliberation how diseased a US Dollar was opposite other currencies such as a Euro or a British Pound, and that debility even continued into a initial month of this year; with both EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY sourroundings uninformed yearly-highs usually a month into 2018.

But this thesis has started to shift, as a spate of Yen strength has started to uncover indicating that something is changeable in a backdrop. On a subsequent chart, we’re looking during a bearish trend that’s grown in USD/JPY so distant in 2018.

USD/JPY Four-Hour Chart: Bearish Trend in USD/JPY in 2018, Lower-Lows, Highs

usdjpy 4 hour chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Naturally, a large doubt here is ‘why?’ Many are indicating fingers during risk aversion, and that could positively be a culprit, as a Yen can take welfare opposite a US Dollar in times of heightened risk. But some-more likely, this has to do with a continued strength that’s display in Japanese inflation; bringing on a probability of another Euro-like unfolding from final year with a Japanese currency.

Japanese Inflation Continues to Rise, 35-Month High during 1.5% in February

japanese cpi given Jan 2017

Chart prepared by James Stanley

Last year saw a dovish ECB try to equivocate a subject of tightening altogether. For markets – this mattered small as a Euro continued to convene for many of a year. In Japan, those army of acceleration have usually started to uncover and, to date, a BoJ has shown 0 eagerness to let go of QE or to even start meditative about what to do if and/or when that acceleration aim is met.

This could keep a sourroundings developed for Yen strength as we travel deeper into 2018. For traders looking to work with this theme, looking divided from a US Dollar might pierce some benefit. While a sourroundings also appears easy for USD-weakness, as we looked during above, a fact of a matter is that both of these themes are rather thinking during a moment, and incorporating both in a same span brings on substantial risks of perplexing to juggle dual rather glass situations with what’s going on around both a US Dollar and a Japanese Yen.

Bullish Trend Resumption Possibilities in a Euro

The Euro came into this year a same approach that it finished a final one, and that’s with substantial strength. EUR/USD put in mixed tests of a 1.2500 psychological level during a duration but, to date, has been incompetent to poise a postulated break. This hasn’t stopped bulls from remaining active in a pair, or a currency, as we’ve seen a continued response around support that’s kept those bullish trends using higher.

As we open Q2, a large doubt around a Euro is either EUR/USD can pass a 1.2500 level, and either or not a ECB can conflict a subject of tighter process options as we pierce deeper into a year. The stream QE module runs until September, or a finish of Q3, so design this to turn a some-more renouned subject of contention as we pierce into Q2. In Q1, we saw a bank make a initial tweaks to their verbiage that might concede for serve signals of ‘less loose’ process options on a horizon, and a ECB has been unequivocally clever here, looking to equivocate a run of strength in a banking that might repairs a gains that have started to uncover with inflation.

EUR/USD Daily Chart, Psychological Resistance: Bullish Trend Hits Turbulence during 1.2500

eurusd daily draft

Chart prepared by James Stanley

As we looked during above, a US Dollar appears to be in a mark for continued debility and a Yen might be in a mark for continued gains. The Euro could be an engaging middle to demeanour during for any of those particular themes, as we have what could be a bullish setup in EUR/USD to go along with a bearish setup in EUR/JPY.


In EUR/USD, a trend has been indicating aloft for roughly a full year now. It was around Apr of final year when bulls started to have their way, and this was triggered by a fortitude of a initial turn of French elections. When it became a bit some-more apparent that domestic shake was not in a evident destiny for France, EUR/USD gapped-higher and never unequivocally looked back. This crafted a run that saw some-more than 2,000 pips combined to a pair’s value, and we sojourn about 2,000 pips above final year’s low.

EUR/USD Four-Hour Chart: Bullish Potential as Mar Ushers in Higher-Highs, Lows

eurusd daily chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

The initial entertain of this year was noted by range-bound cost movement in a span after EUR/USD started to exam 1.2500. Something identical had happened around a 1.2000 turn as we walked into Q4 of final year. The large doubt here is one of trend resumption and either or not this bullish setup is prepared to run. We looked during a short-term setup around this thesis progressing this week, and below, we take a demeanour during a weekly draft of a span to serve focus-in on those bullish aspirations.

EUR/USD Weekly Chart: Bulls Hold a Line After Fresh Highs in Jan, Feb

eurusd weekly chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley


The Euro remained clever for many of 2017 here, as well. But 2018 has started to uncover a opposite tonality, as a Feb run of Yen strength helped to hole this bullish trend to a grade that a span still harbors bearish potential.

The large territory of seductiveness here runs from 131.43 adult to 132.05. This was an area of support that hold a lows for around 5 months before finally succumbing to offered vigour in Feb and March. This area has now started to uncover adult as resistance, and this brings on a intensity for a lower-high in a span as bears serve change into a some-more assertive mode.

EUR/JPY Daily Chart: Q4 Support Becomes Q1 Resistance

eurjpy daily chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

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