Gold Price Forecast Hinges on Fed Rate Decision, Policy Outlook

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Fundamental Forecast for Gold:Neutral

Gold prices snapped a 3 week winning strain with a changed steel down 1.72% to trade during 1323 forward of a New York tighten on Friday. The waste come alongside a miscarry in a USD and Treasury yields notwithstanding expectancy a FOMC will reason rates subsequent week.

All eyes will be on Janet Yellen Co subsequent week when a Federal Reserve binds a quarterly seductiveness rate preference on Sep 20th. Markets will be closely eying a uninformed quarterly projections from Fed officials as they associate to growth, practice and seductiveness rates. In a arise of hurricanes Harvey Irma, executive bank doves might disagree to serve check a normalization cycle with a dollar expected to face serve headwinds if a cabinet opts for a shallower trail for seductiveness rates.

Gold has been well-supported over a past few months on determined debility in a greenback and rising geo-political tensions and that’s not expected to finish anytime soon. That said, prices responded to constructional insurgency this week and nonetheless a pullback might have a bit serve to go, a broader opinion for bullion stays constructive.

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Gold Price Forecast Hinges on Fed Rate Decision, Policy Outlook

  • A outline of IG Client Sentimentshows traders are net-long Gold – a ratio stands during +2.28 (69.5% of traders are long)- bearish reading
  • Long positions are 12.4% aloft than yesterday and 15.8% aloft from final week
  • Short positions are 10.8% reduce than yesterday and 23.9% reduce from final week
  • We typically take a contrarian perspective to throng sentiment, and a fact traders are net-long suggests Spot Gold prices might continue to fall. Traders are serve net-long than yesterday and final week, and a multiple of stream view and new changes gives us a stronger Spot Gold-bearish contrarian trade bias.

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Gold Price Forecast Hinges on Fed Rate Decision, Policy Outlook

Last week we highlighted that, “While a convene in bullion has been utterly impressive, prices are now coming some longer-term objectives and even yet a broader concentration stays constructive, streamer into subsequent week a risk stays for some visual cost movement before streamer higher.” Indeed bullion topsy-turvy off connection insurgency this week with a pullback now contrast support during 1321/25 into a tighten of a week. Note that prices have now set a purify monthly opening-range only above simple trendline support and we’ll be looking for a mangle of this segment for serve superintendence on a near-term outlook.

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Gold Price Forecast Hinges on Fed Rate Decision, Policy Outlook

Gold Price Forecast Hinges on Fed Rate Decision, Policy Outlook

A closer demeanour during cost movement highlights a intensity for a bull-flag arrangement here. Watch for support subsequent week into a monthly opening-range low / reduce together during 1316 with a crack of this near-term forward channel targeting 1355 a 2016 high-close during 1366. A some-more poignant Fibonacci care is eyed only aloft at1377/79. A tighten subsequent 1295/99 would be indispensable to advise a some-more suggestive improvement is underway.

Bottom line: prices need to stabilise during these levels if a broader uptrend off a Jul lows is to sojourn viable. Look for a decisive mangle of a monthly opening operation streamer into a Fed subsequent week.

—Written by Michael Boutros, Currency Strategist with DailyFX

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