Gold Weakness to Subside With Fed on Hold in First-Half of 2017

Rising U.S. seductiveness rate expectations might continue to drag on bullion prices as a Federal Reserve appears to be on march to serve normalize financial process in 2017, though Chair Janet Yellen and Co. might mostly validate a wait-and-see proceed over a entrance months as a executive bank ‘assess satisfied and approaching mercantile conditions relations to a objectives of limit practice and 2 percent inflation.’

After lifting a benchmark seductiveness rate in December, a arriving revolution within a Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) might pull a executive bank to keep a stream process during a successive assembly in Feb as Chicago Fed President Charles Evans, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari are slate to opinion in 2017.

Looking during Fed Funds Futures, marketplace participants mostly expect a Fed to keep a standing quo via a first-half of a year as a executive bank warns ‘market-based measures of acceleration remuneration have altered adult extremely though still are low; many survey-based measures of longer-term acceleration expectations are small changed, on balance, in new months.’ With that said, a FOMC meetings scheduled for a first-half of 2017 might tame a resilience in a greenback and assistance pillow a fast decrease in bullion price, though a opinion for financial process continues to expel a long-term bearish foresee for bullion generally as Fed officials see 3 rate-hikes in a year ahead.

December 2016 Fed Projection

Gold Weakness to Subside With Fed on Hold in First-Half of 2017

Source: Federal Reserve

With the longer-run seductiveness rate dot-plot still raised a depot rate around 2.75% to 3.00%, Fed Funds Futures are now pricing an 80% luck for a pierce in Jun 2017, with additional rate-hikes expected to come in a second-half of 2017. Expectations for aloft U.S. seductiveness rates should continue to import on bullion prices, though a debility might recede over a entrance months as a FOMC is expected to keep a benchmark seductiveness rate on reason via a first-half of a year.

Technicals: Key Support Targets in View- Risk for Recovery in 1Q


Gold Weakness to Subside With Fed on Hold in First-Half of 2017

Trading View Chart Created by Michael Boutros, Currency Strategist with

Last entertain we highlighted a risk for a mangle of a forward channel arrangement off a lows after prices responded to pivotal slope insurgency fluctuating off a 2015 high. Indeed a initial week of Oct trade witnessed a mangle of channel support with a successive decrease imprinting a largest quarterly detriment given Q2 of 2013. Note that as of Dec 16th, prices noted a 6th uninterrupted weekly decrease and if things sojourn on pace, a third uninterrupted monthly decline- both growth that have historically seen poignant upside in prices in a entrance weeks before resumption of a broader trend.

Gold prices approached a vicious support connection in late-December during 1220/30– a turn tangible by a 161.8% prolongation of a decrease off a yearly highs, a 76.4% retracement of a allege off a 2015 low, a 2014 low and a reduce together of a embedded forward together formation. Note that a lower-median-line together fluctuating off a 2015 low comes in only successive and a evident downside disposition is during risk into this pivotal region.

Gold Daily

Gold Weakness to Subside With Fed on Hold in First-Half of 2017

A closer demeanour during cost movement serve highlights this pivotal support connection and streamer into a open of 2017 trade we’ll be looking for a low to symbol a some-more poignant liberation in cost within a context of a broader downtrend. Look for halt insurgency during 1171 corroborated by 1200/03. A crack above a highlighted median-line connection around ~1220 would be indispensable to change a broader concentration behind to a long-side in bullion.

Bottom line: streamer into successive entertain we’ll be looking for a service convene to offer some-more auspicious short-entries with a mangle reduce risks estimable waste for gold. Such a unfolding eyes successive support targets during a low-week tighten / 88.6% retracement during 1083/85 corroborated by a 2016 open during 1062 a 2016 low during 1046.


Written by David Song, Currency Analyst and Michael Boutros, Currency Strategist with DailyFX


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