Man drives pickup into Southwest plane at Eppley Airfield

Man strips, drives pickup into Southwest plane in Nebraska

Two crew members suffered minor injuries on the Southwest Airlines flight, bound for Denver, as passengers were boarding at 9.30pm local time when the man drove the truck into the plane’s nose gear, said Omaha Airport Authority chief of police Tim Connahan. He was seen acting erratically and screaming that people were trying to kill him while he began to remove his clothing. Conahan says the man climbed a perimeter fence, and ran into a construction site.

KETV reports the man, who was wearing only boxers, ran through a building area and found an unlocked pickup, apparently with keys inside. Conahan says security video shows the man driving into the plane at a high speed. After police cut him off as he was going under a jet bridge used to board the aircraft, the suspect crashed the truck into the plane’s nosecone, Conahan said. “We all didn’t fall over, but it shook us pretty hard”.

The only injuries reported were a slight knee injury to the pilot and a bumped elbow from one of the flight attendants.

The suspect was taken into police custody, according to the airline’s statement. Police say the FBI has been notified of the incident and the NTSB will be conducting its own investigation, NBC reports. Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Transportation Safety Board will be conducting an investigation as a result of the incident.

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