Man robs banks with crazy ‘weapon’

During the first heist, the thief, believed to be aged in his mid-40s to mid-50s, was caught on CCTV footage casually walking into a NAB branch in the northern Perth suburb of Innaloo last Tuesday.




Wearing a distinctive straw hat and sunglasses but with most of his face visible, the man was captured on film waiting calmly in the queue before handing over a note to the bank teller.

The teller then quickly fills the man’s backpack with money.

It is not known what was written on the note, although it has been rumoured to have said the man had a firearm hidden on his person.

The second theft occurred two days later on Thursday at a bank in the city’s south in Bull Creek, 23km away from where the first incident took place.

The man wore similar clothing in both robberies and used a note both times — however, he fled the bank just before staff handed over the cash during the second theft.

The man has still not been caught, but police are confident he will be recognised by a member of the public given the clear footage of him conducting his crimes.

He has been described as light skinned, around 165cm tall and with a medium build.

Please contact Crime Stoppers WA on 1800 333 000 if you have any information.

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