Model pleasures 400 men for voting

Model Paola Saulino has sparked fury among some Italian voters.

WARNING: Sexual content

A PATRIOTIC model is complaining of jaw ache after vowing to perform oral sex on 19 million men who voted “No” in the recent Italian referendum.

Paola Saulino, 27, has so far fellated around 400 politically active gents as part of her nationwide “Pompa (pump) Tour”, The Sun reported.

The actress pledged to pleasure everyone who voted against Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reforms last November.

And after a resounding 59 per cent of the electorate voted “No”, principled Paola kept her promise and has bravely embarked on an epic sex quest.

Speaking with the Daily Star Online, the social media sensation insisted, “I am woman of my word.”

Saulino, from Napoli, started the first leg of her tour in Italy’s historic capital Rome on January 7 and completed the phase in Palermo on January 21.

But as she takes some time out between events, Paola has admitted she feels “tired”, “stressed” and is complaining of a sore jaw.

She has now climbed down from her vow to perform sex acts on all 19.4 million voters.

Yet she has declared she intends to fellate one million men as part of the tour.

The model has so far fellated 400 men.

The model has so far fellated 400 men.Source:Facebook

She said: “My goal is one million, I would love one million.”

In the revealing interview, Paola confirmed she decides whether each man wears a condom or not. She adds: “Nobody has complained so far.”

She also details her most embarrassing encounter, where one anxious man was too overcome with emotion to perform.

She said: “He then started to cry, saying, ‘I am sorry I am too shy.’”

Each randy punter completes an application form via email and then receives their own unique and coveted booking code.

But not everyone is a fan of Paola’s ambitious tour.

Some critics have labelled her a “hussy” while others accused her of “throwing mud on those who defend the constitution”.

However, Paola hit back claiming people should “not take themselves too seriously”.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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