Rioters hurl Pepsi cans at police

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Several police caught fire when they were hit by Molotov cocktails during May Day demonstrations held in Paris on May 1. Nationwide rival rallies showed the political divide across the nation, less than a week before the final run-off between French presidential candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. A rally organised by the hard-left CGT trade union marched to Place de la Nation in Paris, with occasional clashes reported on the fringes between youths and riot police. Police shot tear gas and water cannons as they came under attack by Molotov cocktails. Many protesters want Le Pen to lose Sunday?s vote, and demanded that the next president protects workers? rights. Credit: Clement Lanot via Storyful

Kendall Jenner starring in the now controversial advertisement for Pepsi which was quickly taken offline following a severe backlash across social media.

WE ALL knew this was coming.

May Day rioters have mocked Kendall Jenner’s infamous Pepsi ad by hurling Pepsi cans at police in violent scenes on Monday.

A pro-labour, anti-Trump rally in Portland, Oregon was shut down after police tweeted that rocks and other objects including full Pepsi cans had been thrown at officers.

“Additional rocks being thrown so officers will be putting on protective helmets,” Portland Police tweeted, adding: “A @PDXFire medic was hit by a full @pepsi can during #MayDayPDX protest march. Not injured.”

A further tweet added: “Rocks, lead balls and full cans of @pepsi being launched at police. Officers will be donning personal protective equipment. #MayDay2017”

Earlier, local journalist Doug Brown had tweeted a photo of an anarchist attempting to hand a can of Pepsi to a police officer.

Jenner came under fire last month after appearing in an ad which some said appeared to trivialise the violent Black Lives Matter movement. The commercial, which Pepsi pulled amid the backlash, saw the 21-year-old model use a can of Pepsi to end a stand-off between police and a group of young protesters.

Portland police said at least three people had been arrested after the protests turned violent due to anarchists. Reporters from multiple media outlets in Portland were tweeting photos of broken and cracked windows at businesses including Target and J. Crew as well as at Portland City Hall.

It came as anarchist violence broke out at May Day rallies around the world on Monday, including in France where one police officer sustained serious injuries after being set on fire.

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