‘So who’s paying my late fees?’

The bank was heavily criticised for failing to keep customers up to date about the issues, which started at around 8am on Wednesday and continued for more than 24 hours.

“We’re sorry that some customers experienced intermittent issues with our systems yesterday. Our teams have worked non-stop to fix the problem and NetBank, CommBank app and CommBiz services are restored,” a spokeswoman said in statement on Thursday morning.

“We can also confirm credit card payments and transfers have been processed and customers will start to see these reflected in their accounts. Commonwealth Bank apologises to all customers who were affected by this issue and we thank them for their patience.”

Some customers on Wednesday logged into their NetBank accounts to find their credit card and loan balances had seemingly been wiped. Others were left stranded at check-outs or unable to make rent payments.

“So who’s paying my late fees cause my bills can’t come out?” Corey Godbold wrote on the bank’s Facebook page. “I expect a refund of a portion of my annual fees for today’s lack of use of my credit and lack of access to services,” wrote Cara Danis.

Erin Barkell added, “Today I tried using my Commonwealth MasterCard to Uber myself to my doctors appointment. Turns out I couldn’t use my card to get there as it said to contact my provider for assistance.

“When logging into my account I was alerted to the outage. I had to cancel my appointment and they are charging me a cancellation fee. This has been a major disturbance in my day and now I am out of pocket $30 for this and another day off from work.”

Shayne Bonnie wrote on Twitter, “I just had my credit card and key card declined at the supermarket and I was left standing there with $300 worth of groceries that I couldn’t pay for. Pity you didn’t inform anyone you are having system issues.”

The CommBank spokeswoman said, “We assess any fees charged during an outage on a case-by-case basis and determine how to help customers who have been disadvantaged. Again, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and would like to thank customers for their patience.”


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