‘Tony wanted to have a fight’

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Former PM Tony Abbott and Treasurer Scott Morrison have reportedly clashed over changes to superannuation.

Tony Abbott, left, was reportedly involved in a heated exchange with Scott Morrison over proposed changes to superannuation.

TONY Abbott has reportedly confronted Treasurer Scott Morrison over the Federal Government’s proposed superannuation changes.

The former prime minister argued against plans to offer super concessions to low-income earners and called for the Coalition to dump its proposed cap on post-tax contributions during the Thursday meeting, The Weekend Australian reports.

“(Mr Abbott) went in there looking for a fight; he wasn’t interested in information, he wasn’t interested in listening to his colleagues, he wanted to have a fight,” one MP present at the meeting told the newspaper.

All fired up. Scott Morrison.

All fired up. Scott Morrison.Source:AAP

That don’t impress me. Tony Abbott.

That don’t impress me. Tony Abbott.Source:News Corp Australia

“He kept interrupting and he wanted to derail the discussion.”

The Government’s superannuation changes were a key issue during the 2016 Federal Election campaign.

The party’s base made its anger over the policy known as soon as the budget came down.

The fiercest opposition was directed at the plan for a $500,000 lifetime cap on after-tax superannuation contributions, backdated to 2007.

Others were unhappy with the proposed $1.6 million cap on the amount of money that can be held in a tax-free retirement phase account by people 60 and over.

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