Town hall event has ‘nothing to do’ with debate prep

Monica Lewinsky attends the Cannes Lions 2015 International Advertising Festival in Cannes southern France. Lewinsky tends to avoid politics these days after becoming instantly infamous nearly 20 years ago as

Well that might be a good idea because going on the debate stage and bringing up President Clinton’s infidelity to hurt his wife would probably backfire. But her aides are quick to point out that the former president was not attempting to condemn the entire Obamacare system, just the ways it has failed certain people. But I’ll leave that to others.

A longtime conservative activist predicts that Donald Trump will do a better job in the second presidential debate Sunday night.

The Virginia senator also said the fact that Trump was viewed as doing poorly in the first debate in contrast to Pence’s performance “has led to a number of stories suggesting that the GOP is really having buyer’s remorse about Donald Trump as their nominee”.

Luckily, this might be the easiest debate to watch, ever. He took only about a dozen, on issues from foreign policy to domestic issues to Trump’s outreach to Hispanics and whether he was annoyed that running mate Mike Pence didn’t defend his positions in this week’s vice-presidential debate.

“We are seeing positive trends really across the board”, Chris Carr, political director for the RNC, said Thursday.

The Trump campaign in a statement on Thursday offered “our thoughts and prayers” to everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew and called on residents of affected areas to heed warnings and evacuation orders.

“He loves dictators. He’s got kind-of a personal Mouth Rushmore – Vladimir Putin, Kim Jon-un, Moammar Gadhafi”.

Starting off his report, Llamas was shocked that Donald Trump would celebrate Governor Mike Pence’s win over Kaine.

And when Kaine tried to drag him down a rat hole by making him defend something dumb or insulting Trump had said, Pence kept his cool and flicked the example away as silly or untrue.

If you check out recent public polls on the 2016 election, the takeaway is pretty clear: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took a hit following his performance at the first presidential debate last week – and he’s yet to recover. “We’ll see. Maybe we’ll have a good relationship, maybe we’ll have a awful relationship”. The results from the NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll reveal Clinton maintaining a six-point lead against Trump at 46 to 40 percent.

One bright spot for Trump remains Ohio.

The news was better for Clinton in MI, where she is up by 11, according to a new Detroit Free Press/WXYZ poll.

The poll average by RealClearPolitics indicates Clinton leading by nearly 4 points against Trump. But Trump allies and many Democrats aren’t sure he can avoid talking about these matters in the second debate on Sunday, especially if Hillary Clinton tries to brand him as a sexist during the nationally televised showdown.

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