Trump Hits a ’Strong Dollar’ While May Drives Cable Higher

Talking Points:

– Theresa May’s Brexit debate has driven Cable aloft as a British PM has laid out skeleton for executing Article 50.

– The U.S. Dollar continues to retrace as partial of a ‘bigger picture’ trend. The 38.2% retracement of a post-Election pierce did not reason as support, though will buyers uncover adult during a 50% Fib?

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The large object so distant on a morning is Theresa May’s Brexit debate in that a PM of a U.K. took a softer position than what many were expecting, indicating that she’s going to embody Parliament in a routine of triggering Article 50.

In a speech, PM May pronounced that she would not find membership in a EU and would instead demeanour to cut new trade agreements. This would give Brexiters their direct of determining entrance of those entering a country, though would pierce on a doubt of withdrawal a singular market. Mrs. May also pronounced that she didn’t wish a U.K. to be ‘half-in, half-out’ of a EU, and that she wanted to mislay as many obstacles as probable in a trade attribute with Europe in sequence to strike a new ‘customs agreement.’ Another large indicate of importance in this debate is that Mrs. May wants to mislay a U.K. from a office of a European Court of Justice.

This morning’s debate constructed a important pierce in a British Pound as GBP/USD ratcheted adult to set a higher-high. This is a annulment of a before bearish price action, as Cable had only tested a psychological support turn during 1.2000 after Sunday’s open. But with this new information that an executed Brexit might not be as tough as feared, we might see this service convene continue for a while longer.

Trump Hits a 'Strong Dollar' While May Drives Cable Higher

Chart prepared by James Stanley

CEO’s a world-around have come to fear a Twitter bravery of President-Elect, Donald Trump. And while this morning’s news comes from a journal talk rather than directly from a President-Elect’s Twitter account, a fact that a impending to a U.S. banking rather than only a singular association is noteworthy. In an talk with a Wall Street Journal, President-Elect Trump pronounced that a U.S. Dollar was ‘too strong’ since other economies like China are holding down a value of their currencies.

And while this new turn-lower in a U.S. Dollar started well-ahead of a recover of this interview, this really most echoes a view that’s apropos some-more common opposite markets with fear around a probability of protectionist-like trade policies out of a United States.

This is expected approach too early to prognosticate, as Donald Trump hasn’t even nonetheless taken office; that won’t take place until this Friday. And also given a duration arise in a Greenback after a election, it creates clarity that we’d see a bit of pullback with a miss of additional top-side drivers. One intensity motorist is expelled tomorrow when U.S. acceleration numbers for a month of December.

On a draft below, we’re looking during a new pullback in a U.S. Dollar in range of a bigger design move. Notice how support during a 38.2% retracement of a post-Election pierce hasn’t hold – and this opens adult a 50% Fibonacci retracement as that subsequent turn of lower-level support. The 50% Fibonacci retracement of this pierce is feeder with a psychological turn of 100, so this could be a really novel place for support to rise on a Greenback.

Trump Hits a 'Strong Dollar' While May Drives Cable Higher

Chart prepared by James Stanley

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