US Dollar Slammed as Safe Haven Demand Surges

Talking Points:

– Gold, a 10-year US Treasury yield, and a Japanese Yen have all changed in lockstep for a past 3 months.

– Meanwhile, US Dollar debility is providing cover for differently diseased currencies like a British Pound and New Zealand Dollar.

Retail throng positioning has blown behind out to impassioned levels in USD-pairs once again.

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The US Dollar (via DXY Index) fell to uninformed yearly lows today, and a lowest turn given Jan 2015, as a North Korea barb exam over Japan sparked a uninformed change to protected breakwater resources opposite a globe. With investors seeking preserve in US Treasuries, US yields have fallen; and, given a clever attribute among US yields, Gold, and a Japanese Yen in new months, it’s no warn that Gold and a Yen are doing utterly good today.

Chart 1: Gold contra USD/JPY (inverse) contra 10-year US Yield (inverse) 4-hour Timeframe (May 7 to Aug 29, 2017)

US Dollar Slammed as Safe Haven Demand Surges

The 10-year US Treasury produce is during a lowest turn given mid-June, and with it, US genuine yields have depressed as well. Real yields are inflation-adjusted yields: in this case, a US Treasury 10-year produce reduction a core acceleration rate. Why does this matter? Investing is all about item allocation and risk-adjusted returns. On a risk-adjusted side, for example: if item X has an approaching lapse of 10% with a customary flaw of 8%, and item Y has an approaching lapse of 12% with a customary flaw of 15%, item X is a higher choice given a risk trade-off.

On a item allocation side, it’s about achieving compulsory earnings given a investor’s wants and needs. If acceleration expectations are fast increasing, we would design to see bound income underperform: because would we wish to have a bound lapse when prices are increasing? On a genuine basis, your earnings would be reduce than differently intended.

Falling US genuine yields means that a widespread between Treasury yields and acceleration rates are decreasing, dwindling a chastisement for holding a low agreeable asset. If Gold yields nothing, has an estimated cost of lift of -2.4%, and usually can lapse collateral appreciation, it would best matched to convene when US genuine yields fell.

Accordingly, Gold is a fascinating item in a descending genuine produce environment, that is what we’ve been saying rise over a past several weeks. The US 10-year genuine produce (Treasury produce reduction core inflation) has depressed from 0.698% on Jul 7 to 0.411% today. This is a bad sourroundings for a US Dollar to convene in, and as prolonged as US genuine yields are dropping, Gold and a Japanese Yen can still outperform contra a US Dollar.

See a above video for technical considerations in a DXY Index, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, EUR/GBP, a SP 500, and Gold.

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— Written by Christopher Vecchio, CFA, Senior Currency Strategist

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