WTI And Brent Crude Oil Pivots on OPEC Actions to Best Week of 2017

WTI And Brent Crude Oil Pivots on OPEC Actions to Best Week of 2017

Fundamental Forecast for USOIL: Bullish

Talking Points:

  • Crude oil and Brent upheld on serve actions from OPEC to extent exports
  • The oil supply bolt continues to cringe as evidenced by a 7.2m bbl decrease per a DoE
  • Dovish Federal Reserve on Wednesday gave approach to a weaker USD that helps commodities
  • Per Baker Hughes, US Oil Rig count falls by 2 supply to 766 sum active US oil rigs
  • IGCS display boost in sell brief oil positions, contrarian perspective suggests prices arise further

You know how in some weeks, all goes well? This week was a week like no other for Crude Bulls as trade started with news out of St. Petersburg that OPEC had reached a serve agreement to cut exports from Saudi Arabia (the de-facto conduct of OPEC), a U.A.E. and Kuwait. Saudi also pronounced they would demeanour to ‘forcefully direct participation’ of correspondence to a prolongation quell understanding that has been extended to Mar 2018. After quickly punching subsequent Friday’s low on Monday morning, Crude Oil sealed a trade day aloft running for a rest of a week until settling nearby $50/bbl. The sum benefit was scarcely 9% on a week and a sourroundings and perspective design (more below) seem to indicate to some-more gains to come. What a disproportion a week can make!

New OPEC actions and oil product direct is assisting a appetite market. Click here to see a Q3 foresee on what outcomes we’re watching!

On Wednesday, news of descending US inventories that aligned with rising direct as evidenced by a 7.2m bbl register pull and a decrease opposite other products such as essence and gasoline overwhelmed an total low not seen given early 2016 and helped to yield justification that a supply bolt is indeed shrinking. On an particular basis, Crude stockpiles fell to a lowest levels given Jan while a EIA common that a direct for fuel had rising to a tip Jun turn in a decade.

Two associated banking markets value examination in serve to wanton oil is a US Dollar and a Canadian Dollar. The USD, that fell deeper this week to a new 14-month low after a Federal Reserve’s matter when they motionless not to travel rates showed a approaching welfare for fewer rate hikes than formerly approaching is a pricing banking for Oil. Therefore, a weaker USD might yield a serve bonus to commodities, Oil included. The Canadian Dollar, that finished a week trade aggressively aloft and a strongest relations G10 banking showed a 7 true month of GDP expansion might also see extrinsic gains as Oil, a pivotal trade becomes some-more profitable and adds even some-more to GDP trade value.

Combining a certain elemental design above with a draft below, and we might find serve reason to expect serve gains. The cost of Crude Oil has recently damaged above a tip of a descending (bearish) cost channel that has framed cost movement for many of 2017. Therefore, if a elemental design of rising direct and a weaker USD holds, we could see a pierce to a lower-$50s in WTI, and mid-$50s in Brent.

Crude Oil cost breaks above clever insurgency from connection of levels during $47.29-$48.20

WTI And Brent Crude Oil Pivots on OPEC Actions to Best Week of 2017

Chart Created by Tyler Yell, CMT

Next Week’s Data Points That May Affect Energy Markets:

The elemental focal points for a appetite marketplace subsequent week:

  • Sunday: Venezuala votes on President Nicolas Maduro’s inherent assemply devise
  • Monday 12:00 PM ET: EIA releases Petroleum Supply Monthly
  • Tuesday 4:30 PM ET: API weekly U.S. oil register news
  • Wednesday 10:30 AM ET: EIA Petroleum Supply Report
  • Fridays 1:00 PM ET: Baker-Hughes Rig Count during
  • Friday 3:30 PM ET: Release of a CFTC weekly commitments of traders news on U.S. futures, options contracts

Crude Oil IG Client Sentiment Highlight: Contrarian perspective suggests arise in cost holds

WTI And Brent Crude Oil Pivots on OPEC Actions to Best Week of 2017

Oil – US Crude: Retail merchant information shows 41.4% of traders are net-long with a ratio of traders brief to prolonged during 1.41 to 1. The series of traders net-long is 3.9% reduce than yesterday and 32.6% reduce from final week, while a series of traders net-short is 22.2% aloft than yesterday and 78.7% aloft from final week.

We typically take a contrarian perspective to throng sentiment, and a fact traders are net-short suggests Oil – US Crude prices might continue to rise. Traders are serve net-short than yesterday and final week, and a multiple of stream perspective and new changes gives us a stronger Oil – US Crude-bullish contrarian trade bias.(Emphasis mine)

The discernment subsequent from this perspective research on Oil is that traders are augmenting their brief bearing while shortening their prolonged coverage notwithstanding new gains. Taking this into account, a perspective design favors serve gains.


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