XRP/USD: Ripple Prices Double-Up as Feb Losses Evaporate

Ripple prices have come full round with a extended formed convene in cryptocurrencies this week paring a early-February losses. The allege takes prices into monthly open insurgency and while prices might be exposed here near-term a broader opinion stays constructive.

Ripple Daily Price Chart (Log)

XRP/USD Price Chart - Daily Timeframe

Technical Outlook: Ripple prices are adult over 100% off a Feb lows with a allege now contrast monthly open insurgency during 1.1407. An descending pitchfork arrangement fluctuating off a Jan lows keeps a concentration aloft while above near-term support during ~9646 where a 100-day relocating normal converges on a 50-line. Broader bullish cancellation stays solid during a 2018 low-day tighten during 7600.

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Ripple 240min Price Chart (Log)

XRP/USD Price Chart - 240min Timeframe

Notes: A closer demeanour during Ripple cost movement sees a cryptocurrency violation above simple trendline insurgency fluctuating off a record highs late-last week with a pullback and invulnerability of this slope serve validating a near-term breakout. Interim insurgency targets eyed during 1.2203 corroborated by a median-line / 61.8% prolongation during 1.2956 – a crack there would be indispensable to fuel a successive leg aloft in cost with such a unfolding targeting successive insurgency objectives during 1.5457 corroborated closely by 1.6177.

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Interim support rests with a 100-day relocating average, now during ~9646 corroborated closely by a 50-line. Ultimately a mangle next a 90-handle would advise a incomparable improvement is underway targeting a 61.8% retracement during 8230 and a low-day tighten during 7600.

Bottom line: The evident allege looks a bit exposed here though a broader concentration stays weighted to a topside while above a monthly / yearly low-day close. From a trade standpoint, I’ll preference vanishing debility into constructional support OR shopping a mangle and retest of a median-line (1.2956) as support for a pierce behind towards a 1.6177.

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XRP/USD IG Client Sentiment

Ripple IG Client Sentiment

  • A outline of IG Client Sentiment shows traders are net-long XRP/USD- a ratio stands during +22.58 (95.8% of traders are long) – bearishreading
  • Traders remained net-long given Dec 25th; cost has changed 55.5% reduce given then
  • Long positions are 2.3% aloft than yesterday and 0.5% reduce from final week
  • Short positions are20.3% reduce than yesterday and 2.8% reduce from final week
  • We typically take a contrarian perspective to throng sentiment, and a fact traders are net-long suggests Ripple prices might continue to fall. Traders are serve net-long than yesterday and final week, and a multiple of stream positioning and new changes gives us a stronger Ripple-bearish contrarian trade disposition from a view standpoint.

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– Written by Michael Boutros, Currency Strategist with DailyFX

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