Yen Falls, Aussie Dollar Gains as US Officials Cool War Worries

Talking Points:

  • Yen falls, Aussie Dollar gains as marketplace mood brightens in Asia
  • US, European batch index futures spirit risk-on mood to continue
  • What will expostulate longer-term FX marketplace trends? See a forecasts

The perennially anti-risk Japanese Yen declined and a sentiment-linked Australian Dollar changed broadly aloft as a markets’ mood brightened during a start of a trade week. Most Asian batch exchanges posted gains after tip US officials sought to cold worries about approaching hostilities between a US and North Korea following last week’s burning rhetoric.

FTSE 100 and SP 500 futures are indicating resolutely higher, hinting that a chipper mood has range to lift brazen once European and North American markets come online. That seems expected to bode ill for a Yen as good as a similarly-minded Swiss Franc while higher-yielding commodity currencies outperform. The Euro might also arise as a awaiting of tapering ECB QE puts it on a “risk-on” side of a spectrum.

With that said, another still day on a mercantile information front leaves a doorway open for wandering headlines to expostulate waver sensitivity again. For example, it does not seem too fantastic to suppose that another worrying sound-bite out of Washington DC can pass a spotlight and flow cold H2O on nascent optimism, triggering a broad-based annulment opposite a spectrum of vital item classes.

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Asia Session

Yen Falls, Aussie Dollar Gains as US Officials Cool War Worries

European Session

Yen Falls, Aussie Dollar Gains as US Officials Cool War Worries

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